Coming Soon!

HGRA seeks the support of local businesses (Hardwicke, Haresfield, Quedgeley) via it’s annual sponsorship scheme.

Sponsorship is comprised of three key elements:

  1. Support of HGRA and the community of Hunts Grove via a donation;
  2. An incentive for Supporter Member Residents of HGRA to utilise your product / service;
  3. An awareness-building programme that includes a high-profile spot on our home page sponsors section, a dedicated marketing page for your business and sponsors logo on every newsletter

HGRA aim to build a win:win:win partnership with local businesses for long-term sponsorship of HGRA.   This low-cost local marketing initiative will establish your role in supporting Hunts Grove as it grows to 8,000+ residents over the coming years and place your business at the forefront of motivated local buyers.

We will be launching our sponsorship programme soon, so why not register your interest and we’ll keep you informed.