6 - Utilities

Broadband Service

Hunts Grove residents have suffered with unreliable, slow broadband based on old copper wire technology since the first residents moved in 2011.  Many residents have tried to lobby for better services, however progress was slow and getting answers even harder.   This was a major topic for the HGRA to pick up in 2017 and we tracked many potential solutions, however as Hunts Grove remains unadopted by the local authority, some of those stalled.   After years of terrible connection issues, residents now have three providers intending to install the latest technology at Hunts Grove.  The most likely to come online first is BT Openreach with its installation of Fibre To The Premises (FTTP) service going live around January 2018, thanks to support by Crest at the request of HGRA.    Virgin-Media started installation back in May 2017, however had to leave site as they didn’t have permission to work on the estate roads and pavements – this option will hopefully resume once the roads have been adopted.  Further, at an event attended by HGRA and the Parish Council in June 2017, it was announced by Fastershire (the broadband UK partnership of Gloucestershire and Herefordshire) that government funding had been made available to install Gigaclear FTTP connections for all of Hunts Grove sometime prior to the end of 2018.   So, our expectation at this point is that Hunts Grove residents will have options for 1) the existing copper ADSL service of typically 1-12 mb/s; or 2) BT or Zen Internet FTTP service up to 300 mb/s; or 3) Virgin Media cable TV and internet service up to 300 mb/s; or 4) Gigaclear service up to 1,000 mb/s