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More than 100 objections have been lodged by residents on the planning system regarding Crest Nicholson awful plans for the Community Building and Neighbourhood Centre.

This joins the responses now from GCC Highways, Hardwicke Parish Council and HGRA asking for refusal.

Due to the concern on the proposals, Stroud District Council (via our District Councillor Gill Oxley) has agreed to “call-in” both planning applications. This means that the Development Control Committee will now review the proposals (and concerns) prior to a decision being made.

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HGRA is delivered leaflets through every door in January with details how to view Crest Nicholson plans for the Community Building and Neighbourhood Centre, and importantly how to comment on them to the planning department.  We also held residents drop-in events in January and February where residents could review the plans and submit their comments.

The following download has more details of the planning history and proposed building.





Comment directly on the planning portal at these links: (Community Building) (Neighbourhood Centre)

or, Email comments direct to [email protected] noting the application numbers:

           S.20/0103/REM (Community Building)

           S.20/0104/REM (Neighbourhood Centre)



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