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Community Governance Review of the Stroud District – Final Recommendations



The information below for information purposes – the survey is now closed.

Remember our campaign started back in the Autumn that Hunts Grove should have it’s own Parish Council?  Well, the first round of consultation results are in and the local governance working group at Stroud District Council have made their recommendations:

  1. The council received the most responses across all of the district from residents at Hunts Grove!;
  2. The working group at Stroud District Council have recommended that the boundaries of Haresfield Parish and Hardwicke Parish are changed to create a new parish for Hunts Grove with five councillors representing;
  3. This would be the first new parish for the district in 30 years;

The local press (Stroud Journal and Punchline Gloucester) have picked up on the announcement from Stroud District Council which includes more information about the local governance review and Hunts Grove.    BBC Radio Gloucestershire will also be covering the story on 26th February.     Links below.

Why a new Parish Council?

  • Hunts Grove village is split half between Haresfield Parish and Hardwicke Parish – the border is a jagged line running through the heart of what will be the new village;
  • Hunts Grove residents pay a portion of their council tax to fund Hardwicke and Haresfield Parishes budget, we estimate more than £50k since 2011, however those parishes cannot spend that money in Hunts Grove due to fact that most residents will also be paying a management company for many of the jobs usually done by the parish and district councils;
  • This budget windfall for Hardwicke and Haresfield cannot be democratically changed by Hunts Grove residents or the three parish councillors that represent them currently;
  • Hunts Grove has its own identity, and that will get even stronger with the projected 8,000 residents that will eventually live here.  Hunts Grove is a distinctly different character than either Haresfield or Hardwicke and is separated by major infrastructure barriers of the M5 motorway, railway line and A38;
  • A new parish council for Hunts Grove would unite the boundaries of Hunts Grove village and fully represent it’s residents and no other area.  Therefore, residents will be able to set the priorities, scope and budget of their parish council;

This is an opportunity to make the change that rarely comes up – so, do you support the concept?  Whatever your thoughts, please take part in the final consultation that is running from now until May 6th 2019.  Depending on the feedback from residents, the final recommendations will be voted on at the council in July 2019 to be effective for elections in May 2020.

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