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Progress on Verge Cutting

Verge Cutting

HGRA has been working with the local authorities to address residents concerns on the lack of maintenance throughout the development, especially grass verges and street lights.

There will be a full post on this topic shortly.   In the meantime, we are pleased to report that many areas around Phase Two were done last week, along with Hunts Grove Drive and the parks.  The interior streets of Phase One are looking very overgrown and we are advised that landscapers should be cutting these commencing 4th July.

Our goal is to make sure all areas are maintained and we have a clear schedule for ongoing maintenance.

The full post will detail who is responsible, adoption topics and other progress we have made.   Any questions in the meantime, feel free to comment below or via our Facebook page.

7 thoughts on “Progress on Verge Cutting

  1. Would you please ask crest to remove the dumped grass clippings that are opposite my house on the waste ground that will eventually be the park area. It has been dumped there by four seasons gardeners by the van load. It is now decomposing and it smells like neat silage on warm days. It is literally on the other side of the heras fencing not even in the middle of the waste ground. It stinks on hot days. I have spoke to crest on numerous occasions and to no avail. Your help in this matter would be much appreciated as I was under the assumption that they should take away there clippings. I also have footage of this being dumped on different occasions if that helps. Your help would be much appreciated thank you

  2. No maintenance has been carried out on the grassed area or small play area at the end of Pine Marten Close (many plants/shrubs look to be dying as they are choked by the weeds) nor have any of the verges been weeded along Red Kite Rise or Harrier Way. The grassed area by the Oak tree by the DWH sales office has not been cut.

  3. Can the bushes that were on the corner of Lime Tree Ave and Colthrop Way before they were destroyed by Crests’ contractors 4 or 5 years ago, be replaced please? I gave up reporting it to them ages ago.

    1. Our understanding is that the street planting / tree plans are part of the planning permission. These plans are referred to by whichever authority adopts the area, Stroud District Council, Management Company or Highways Department. In this case, Crest would need to ensure the area complies to the plan in order to successfully handover to the area. Unfortunately, this does seem to mean that any damages are not addressed until adoption (otherwise they may need to do it again if there is further damage prior to adoption).

      It is in the interests of the adopting authority to ensure everything is perfect according to the plan, however I can add that HGRA is also taking a keen interest in ensuring that things are done right as well. There are many spots where trees have either failed or have been damaged across the site.

  4. Not sure if there’s an updated post on this that I may have missed but the planting along Red Kite Rise are so overgrown. Really frustrating when some areas are maintained and others have just been left!
    Do you have any update on this?

    1. Hi Rose, yes it is frustrating isn’t it. We have been investigating who’s responsible etc and trying to get it sorted. Covid-19 is part of the story, but that is no excuse now. We will post a full update shortly.

  5. The verges around Tawny Close/Pine Marten Close have not been mowed in months. There is a tree leaning which I reported months ago at the top of Pine Marten Close. The commmunal borders in Red Kite Rise have not been maintained for months. Some of the weeds are waist high and are going to seed. It looks terrible and is not what I expected when I bought my house and started paying the maintenance charge.

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