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Developer Aims To Have Important Planning Condition Removed

Blocked Streets

As mentioned in our earlier post about the new A38 junction, work is also re-starting from the planning oversight team at the Parish Council.  This evening we are considering a planning condition issue that is very important to the future of the new spine road based on experience and residents feedback.

The main development at the moment either side of the new spine road is Bovis Homes.  Based on our lobbying and feedback to planners, the planning department imposed a condition on Bovis that they should implement means of preventing parking on the spine road.  How they do that was not specified, but could involve design elements or potentially an order for double-yellow lines that would need to be approved by the highways department.

Where Is This?

Hunts Grove Spine Road Parking


Bovis are now seeking to have this planning condition cancelled based on a technicality, in that they state that the roads are excluded from their responsibility as they are provided by Crest Nicholson Strategic.  This is true, however removing the planning condition for the site is not a desirable outcome – the responsibility needs to be met by the development team somehow, so we will be looking at that.   Without this condition, we know that parking along the spine road will cause safety and congestion issues for years to come, and this is a through-route for busses etc.  In other areas of the development this causes issues daily for residents who don’t want others parking outside of their property, missed bin collections as the bin lorries can’t get through and damage to verges as vans, cars and lorries try and make it around.

Have Your Say

The application is S.20/0664/DISCON on the Stroud District Council website.   Here is the link to the planning portal that should open the search page.  Just click the red SEARCH button.  You may also email the clerk at Hardwicke Parish Council with any comments or support of the application.  This is being discussed at council meeting tonight though, so be quick!

Final Thoughts

Ideally, Crest will volunteer to take responsibility for this condition.  Let’s see.

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