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A38 Junction For Hunts Grove – Works Planned

A38 Junction Hunts Grove

Well, building work is slowly restarting at Hunts Grove following the shutdowns due to Coronavirus.  Work to create the new A38 junction for Hunts Grove has been long anticipated by residents and was programmed to start in the spring.   Well, a positive sign is that we have received an update from county highways planning that works could start today!

A38 junction, adjacent to Hardwicke slip road, to include “highway improvements, signalisation, realignment, widening and resurfacing“.

The works are programmed to commence 1st June 2020 with an expected completion date of 26th February 2021.

The new junction will open up development on the western side of the site and may not fully link through to the spine road (Harrier Way) for some time after.  A lot depends on the impact of Coronavirus on the housing market and whether this triggers a downturn in housing demand.  Certainly before Coronavirus the developers were progressing at a fast rate, with all parcels of land between Phase 2 and the new junction either approved or in planning.  Bovis and Crest South West were confirmed as the two developers that would be completing these areas as Phase 3 and 4.

Current Planning Issues

Work is also re-starting from the planning oversight team at the Parish Council.  This evening we are considering a planning condition issue that is very important to the future of the new spine road based on experience and residents feedback.  The developer (Bovis) is seeking to have a planning condition cancelled that seeks to prevent the spine road being blocked with parking.  We have a separate post today with more details.

The planning applications for the Neighbourhood Centre and Community Building remain in limbo at the moment.  Additional time has been agreed to consider the next steps and it is expected that Crest Nicholson will be making updated proposals to planning in the next few weeks.  Due to our campaign and protest on the original proposals, and thankfully the massive response by residents, these applications will be reviewed at the Stroud District Council Development Control Committee (DCC), unless they are refused outright (unlikely).  The DCC at least provides an opportunity for Parish or District Councillors to put the case on behalf of residents.

A38 Junction & Spine Road Plans

Plans for the new junction and spine road were included in our post from January 2019 if you would like a closer look.

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