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Stagecoach Announce Temporary Changes To Bus Timetables

Bus Service

Well, no sooner is the Hunts Grove bus service announced, and it’s all change due to the Covid-19 situation.   Stagecoach, like many other businesses, has to make adjustments to services to respond to a significant reduction in demand, whilst also maintaining a service for those that rely on it.

The good news is that the planned extension of Route 8 to Hunts Grove is currently going ahead on April 19th.  This will now temporarily run on a 30-minute interval instead of the originally planned 20-minute interval.

The reduced timetable for the region comes in to force on Sunday 29th March.  As this is a rapidly-changing situation, keep an eye on the Stagecoach website.

Here is the link to the announcement and also the revised timetable for all Gloucestershire routes, including Route 8.

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