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Save The Community Facilities – Leaflet Details

Crest Nicholson



Take part in the most important planning decision for the future of community facilities at Hunts Grove!  This is your last chance to save the community facilities we were all promised.

The following is the leaflet content posted through doors this week.


  • Hunts Grove Community Building
  • Hunts Grove Neighbourhood Centre

HGRA (Hunts Grove Residents Association) has reviewed plans for both the projects named above.  The plans submitted to Stroud District Council are significantly different to those shared with residents at the Crest consultation event held in November.

HGRA and the Parish Council consider both projects no longer fit-for-purpose.  They have been changed significantly to reduce costs and increase profit for the developer Crest Nicholson.

We need residents to stand up, submit comments and make clear that we expect better for Hunts Grove.  The reasons for refusal are noted overleaf for your reference.


  • Comment directly on the planning portal at these links:

           http://tiny.cc/bmaajz (Community Building)

           http://tiny.cc/ttaajz (Neighbourhood Centre)

           S.20/0103/REM (Community Building)

           S.20/0104/REM (Neighbourhood Centre)



VIEW PLANS & THESE DETAILS ONLINE VIA:     huntsgroveresidents.org.uk

Community Building (Application S.20/0103/REM)

  • The provision for Hunts Grove has already been cut back and delayed several times.  To gain planning permission in 2008, a Community Building and separate Sports Pavilion was promised.  Once planning permission was granted, Crest Nicholson reduced the provision and delayed the delivery of facilities in planning variations in approved in 2010 and 2017.  The Sports Pavilion was lost altogether due to cost-cutting, but based on a promise to combine all functions in one larger community building;
  • Three building options were shown at a public consultation held in November 2019 that met the prescribed Stroud District Council functional specification and Sports England specification. This application bears no resemblance to these plans, with the building footprint reduced by 200m2;
  • The building no longer meets the minimum requirements set by the council or Sport England;
  • The building has changed from a multi-use amenity to a single-use amenity.  This is not acceptable to serve a community that will be 7-8,000 residents! 
  • The building operations will be financed and managed by Hunts Grove Management Company Ltd., which in turn is financed by residents of Hunts Grove via an annual service charge fee.  The reduction in facilities and single-use will significantly reduce the financial viability of the building to generate some income to offset costs, therefore this represents an unacceptable long-term financial liability on the residents;
  • The community building will be the only public building in Hunts Grove.  Whilst the basis for provision is within the original permission for 1,750 dwellings, the fact that the strategic allocation will ultimately be 2,500 homes should be a factor in deciding the minimum requirements.  All stakeholders acknowledge that there is no intention to have another community building serving the 750 homes of Hunts Grove extension (Land South of Haresfield Lane);
  • Plans shown to residents at the consultation in November recognised the need for this building to be a landmark in the village.  This design and character has been completely lost in the plans submitted;

Neighbourhood Centre (Application S.20/0104/REM)

  • To gain planning permission in 2008, the neighbourhood centre (shops, services and public open space) were located at the heart of the new community, a destination that quite clearly served the needs of the future 7-8,000 residents.  In subsequent planning variations, Crest Nicholson changed the location to beside the A38 as this was considered more financially viable.   Such a move should demand additional attention, accessibility and design to ensure it was still an attractive amenity serving the community;
  • The plans submitted do not serve the community whatsoever.  They will be a convenient stop on the A38 for Gloucester commuters and that’s perhaps all;
  • Crest Nicholson claim to be an expert in the field of “place-making” and one could imagine a neighbourhood centre having community amenity such as a gathering space, square, seating, landscaping. public art etc to compliment the retail units.  However Crest have decided to concrete over any such amenity with yet more housing – 38 dwellings! – the only public domain is the car park! Hardly an attractive destination for the community!
  • Parking is severely limited when considering the retail uses, business and residential density;
  • There has been no effort for safe access across the main spine road and junction for pedestrians (i.e. people from the community it is supposed to be serving);

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