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Exhibition Plans – Community Building & Sports Pitches

Hunts Grove Primary Academy was buzzing last Thursday with residents checking out the draft proposals for the Community Building, Sports Pitches and Neighbourhood Centre!   We have already posted about the Neighbourhood Centre in a separate post as there is so much material to share!    So, here comes the sports pitches and community building:


Proposed Facade – John Simpson Architects Version


Missed The Exhibition? No Problem!

Crest Nicholson Strategic Projects have been kind enough to provide PDF versions of all the exhibition materials for any residents that didn’t get the chance to come along on Thursday.  Head on down this page to the downloads section for these PDFs.

What Is The Status Of These Plans?

The exhibition was a residents preview prior to finalising the planning application.  The plans shown are draft proposals to gather feedback, not final.

The provision of a community building and sports pitches, it’s location and specifications are broadly already approved under the existing outline planning permission for Hunts Grove, with existing planning permission specifying that it will be completed by the time 1,000 homes are occupied at Hunts Grove.    The final detail (called a reserved matters application) must be filed with the planning department by mid-January 2020.

Your Comments, Questions & Feedback

Visitors to the exhibition were able to fill in a feedback form.     If you attended the exhibition and have since had some extra comments, questions or feedback, or perhaps you couldn’t attend, why not leave your comments on this page (for HGRA members), on our Facebook Page, or direct to Lucie Brailsford at Crest, [email protected]

For the exhibition preview phase, this needs to be done as soon as possible to be included and considered.

Once the application goes to the planning department, residents will be able to comment on the final plans via the planning portal website with Stroud District Council.  HGRA will post on its website and Facebook when that becomes available.

The Draft Exhibition Proposals – Two Teams With Ideas

The broad specification of the functions, spaces, budget are tightly controlled by the existing outline planning permission.  How that is implemented, arranged and looks is down to this final reserved matters planning application.   HGRA understand that the approximate budget for the community building is £1.59 million.

There two different architect teams working on ideas currently:

  • PAD Design, commissioned by Crest Nicholson (Master Developer for Hunts Grove), and
  • John Simpson Architects, commissioned by Colethrop Farm Ltd (Original Land Owner of Hunts Grove)

What follows now will be a process of Crest Nicholson refining the final design based on ideas from both concepts, taking in to account the views of all stakeholders.  The feedback by Hunts Grove residents will be a key voice in this process.

Crest Nicholson Plans / PAD Design

Crest Proposal – Site Layout


Crest Proposal – Contemporary or Traditional Design


Crest Proposal – Community Building Internal Layout



Colethrop Farm Ltd Plans / John Simpson Architects

Colethrop Farm Proposals – Site Layout



Colethrop Farm Proposal – Building Internal Layout

Colethrop Farm Proposals – Building Front Elevation


Colethrop Farm Proposals – Building Rear Elevation



Specific Sports Provision

The pitches and facilities are broadly defined, however will need tailoring to the needs of the community.  The last time that the developers and authorities discussed sports provision, the main discussion point was whether cricket and football pitches should be provided.  In the end, there wasn’t really support for cricket, hence the draft scheme became very tailored towards football, alongside the possibilities of a flexible all-weather pitch and hall space.

In the last year, HGRA has raised awareness amongst its members on this website, Facebook and via our newsletter to come forward and participate in the consultation.  As a result, we now have a number of very enthusiastic advocates for everything from football, to netball, to rugby!  (Shoutout to Nicky, James, Adam & Wayne!)    It’s important that as many residents speak up for the sports they would like to see supported in Hunts Grove so that planning and provision can be done at the outset based on community needs.

A Home For The New Hunts Grove Parish Council

April 2020 will see the launch of the new Hunts Grove Parish Council that will replace Hardwicke & Haresfield Parish Councils.  The team at Stroud District Council have been planning carefully to ensure that Hunts Grove residents will be able to vote within the community, parish council meetings held in the community and the parish council have a home in the community.   Our understanding is that Hunts Grove Primary Academy will be the designated polling station for voting and also potentially the venue for Parish Council meetings.

As the community building is the only public accessible building in Hunts Grove it has been important to provide a dedicated workspace for a parish clerk combined with an information point for parishioners on days that the clerk is working.   The Crest Strategic plans currently include such provision.

Consultation Process

Crest Nicholson Strategic Projects have shared plans and consulted with others via it’s Planning Forum meetings.  The planning forum combines representatives from County Council, District Council, Haresfield & Hardwicke Parish Councils, HGRA along with architects and planning consultants.    Further, HGRA, Parish Councils and County Council have been invited to forum meetings with the landowner (Colethrop Farm Ltd / Mark Heywood), architects and planning consultants.

HGRA Feedback To The Proposals

HGRA will post it’s feedback on this website and Facebook prior to the next Hunts Grove Meet-up, scheduled for December 13th, 6-7pm at Holiday Inn Express Waterwells.



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