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97% Of Survey Respondents Support A Neighbourhood Watch Scheme At Hunts Grove

Neighbourhood Watch

HGRA ran a survey on it’s Facebook page this past week asking whether residents like the idea of a neighbourhood watch scheme at Hunts Grove. The results are in and 97% of respondents think this is a good idea. Thanks to Gillian for coming up with the question.

That level of support is a good mandate for getting a scheme off the ground and HGRA will be looking at ways it can support the forming of a group for this.

Hunts Grove is an area with extremely low levels of crime thankfully and a scheme would help maintain that.

Anti-Social Behaviour & Vandalism

Having said there is an extremely low level of crime, it is acknowledged that there is an issue with a group of 7-10yr old youths causing damage to trees and the play parks in recent months. This weekend there was significant damage to properties under construction and nearby residents have been attempting to warn the youths of the dangers of breaking in to a construction site. The neighbourhood policing team have been brilliant in taking action (as can be seen from their feed below), plus working with the developers to assess their site security and the damage caused.

Did you see anything at the weekend? For this, and future reference, note that you can report via calling 101. If there is an emergency or crime in progress, always call 999.

Email reports may be sent to:

[email protected] or

[email protected]

Meet Our Local Neighbourhood Warden

The next meeting of Hardwicke Parish Council is Monday 7th October at 7pm. Our local neighbourhood warden Matt Jones (Stroud District Council) has been invited to join the meeting, so any questions or comments you may have, why not come along on the 7th.

One thought on “97% Of Survey Respondents Support A Neighbourhood Watch Scheme At Hunts Grove

  1. No excuse for anti social behaviour or vandalism but perhaps if the large open space was prioritised there would be somewhere for them to go and use up some energy? Whilst I know the current reason/excuse for a further years delay is due to the bund work, the majority of the POS is not affected and could be fenced off to allow work to commence ASAP.

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