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New Street Names Celebrate Local Historic Connections

Sabrina - Goddess of the River Severn

The following street names have been confirmed for Hunts Grove, Phase 3. This is the Bovis Homes development around the school site. 

In celebration of the role Haresfield Parish and Hardwicke Parish have played in the formation of Hunts Grove, the theme selected for this area was local heritage links, especially those with a connection with the parishes. Quite timely considering that from April, Hunts Grove will be operating its own Parish Council.

Here are the street names and the background to them:

Hoskareslo Close

The local name of the Gloucester-Bristol road through Haresfield, recorded in 1363 (what was to become the re-routed A38 eventually!)

Carbonel Close

Abbot of Gloucester Abbey / Cathedral from 1179-1205, Thomas Carbonel from Hardwicke

Farley Way

Historic Hardwicke tithe farm Farley Manor, recorded in the 1800s

Velthouse Close

Historic Hardwicke farm, first recorded in 1649

Wheatenhurst Way

The administrative district that Hardwicke and Haresfield belonged to between 1837 and 1937

Niblett Close

Historic Haresfield farming family from 1808, The Niblett Estate, Daniel John Niblett

Rudge Close

Historic Hardwicke tithe farm Rudge Manor, recorded in the 1800s

Sabrina Close

Hardwicke and Haresfield lie close to the River Severn.   The River Severn was known to the Romans as Sabrina, originating even earlier from the goddess of the River Severn in Celtic mythology.

Street Plan


Ideas For Future Streets

There are going to be many more streets added to Hunts Grove that will need naming – why not contribute your ideas and HGRA can coordinate and petition for these on your behalf. Email us at [email protected] for more info, or attend one of our regular meet-up events on a Friday evening.

When possible, the name(s) should have a proven historical connection to the land intended for development. The name(s) will not be the name(s) of people unless there is a historical connection to the town or parish within which the development falls. The name(s) will not be the same or similar to any existing name(s) in the area. If the development contains a new network of streets a theme may be chosen, taking care not to repeat a theme already being used locally. Aesthetically unsuitable names or names capable of deliberate misinterpretation are to be avoided. Street names should not be difficult to pronounce or awkward to spell.

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