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UPDATE 1: Notice of Evening Works Tonight & Tomorrow 28th-29th August



To avoid confusion, I have left the original post below for reference. These works have now been rescheduled due to the rain today. They will now be done during the day on Thursday 29th August assuming the weather is dry.

What’s happening?

Well, road markings, white lines etc are being applied to the spine road running from Marconi Drive, down Harrier Way to the school. The paint dries in a few minutes, so no closures are expected.

Original Message (Now Void)

We have received rather late notice of evening works by MJ Church which will run from 6:30pm to Midnight, tonight (Wednesday 28th) and tomorrow (Thursday 29th).

Please see the notice below. Residents that may be affected in proximity to the works should have received a letter today through the door. Note the contact details if there should be any issues to report during the works.

We have requested clarification exactly where these works are and will update if we hear more.

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