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Sports Update

Sports Provision

HGRA is pleased to highlight a couple of new sports champions for Hunts Grove. First off is Nicky Curtis who is keen to get netball teams going in Hunts Grove and understand the interest from residents across all ages and abilities. Next is James Mitchell. James is interested in the football facilities that will be built, and again the level of interest in setting up a club for Hunts Grove. Please see the message from James below.

If you would like to comment on sports provision or would like to contact Nicky or James, just reach out on facebook or email HGRA at [email protected]

We’ll put together a new post in the next couple of weeks to explain the latest designs and timelines for the sports pitches, community hall and allotments. These plans may change as the details are finalised for the public consultation by Crest Nicholson in the next couple of months.

Football Club – Message from James Mitchell

If you would like to be part of an exciting new football club for Hunts Grove, we would love to hear from you. 

We are in the process of creating an FA affiliated football club for men and women in Hunts Grove, with a junior team if the demand is high. 

It will be a social, supportive and friendly club which will support the new community and it’s families at its heart.

As you may know, sporting facilities are being built in the next 12 months which will include all weather pitches, a range of county and junior standard pitches and a community building – new and very exciting!!

I would like to invite anyone interested in designing, developing and playing in a new football club to get in contact – I will be in touch with how we are moving forwards and how you can be involved! 

Thanks everyone!

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