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Roadworks: Marconi Drive 29th July – 9th August

Marconi Drive

From today, works are starting on adding another access junction to the Crest Nicholson development on Marconi Drive. The works are planned to last up to 2 weeks and may include traffic light control for some of the time.

The DPD van parking situation along Marconi Drive is not ideal obviously and efforts are continuing by HGRA to clear this, however this new junction may actually help in the short term as they shouldn’t be parking opposite a junction. You may remember that we have tried to get double yellow lines extended along Marconi Drive, but this is not possible due to all the changes coming this year (3 junctions for Crest Nicholson, plus a new junction to office and warehouse before the roundabout).

Marconi Drive

2 thoughts on “Roadworks: Marconi Drive 29th July – 9th August

  1. Getting the existing double yellows painted again from where they have been scrubbed off the road could be a start. As they are now they are not enforceable. DPD parking has got worse in the last couple of weeks with some parking right on their own junction on the lines.

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