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Newsletter 6: Crosskeys Roundabout Works

Highways Improvements

Newsletter #6 from highways contractors at Crosskeys Roundabout.

Progress since 4th July

During the last two weeks we have continued to work near the retaining wall along the A38 approach from the M5 (previously the B4008) to install the surface of the new widened carriageway. We have also filled the footway ready for the surface course to be applied once the fencing along the top of the retaining wall is complete.

Works have continued in the verge between the A38 approach to Cross Keys Roundabout from Whitminster/Stroud and the A38 towards Gloucester from Cross Keys Roundabout, with drainage being installed and construction of the new widened carriageway started, with the barriers remaining in place for crew safety.

We have also completed the surfacing works in the verge near the old Cross Keys Pub with a widened carriageway on Bristol Road approach to Cross Keys Roundabout.

Upcoming Works

We have some night-time works to install duct crossings during the week commencing 22nd July. To keep our crews safe during these works we will need to close roads, details for which can be found below.

We are continuing works along the retaining wall on the A38 approach to Cross Keys from the M5 with various activities and installing the new kerb line on the verge between A38 approach to Cross keys from Whitminster/Stroud.

We will be completing work on the Splitter Island at the Bristol Road junction with the M5 and moving on to the splitter island reconfiguration on the junction with McDonald’s, and the verge to the rear of M&S garage to strip the top soil and start construction of the widened carriageway

Traffic Management

In the week commencing 22nd July we will have various full and lane only closures to allow us

to complete duct crossings. Please see below for date specific closures.

22nd July

Between 19:30 and 06:00 the B4008 Bristol Road approach to Cross Keys roundabout and B4008 from Cross Keys towards junction 12 of the M5 will be closed.

23rd July

Between 19:30 and 06:00 the A38 South from Cross Keys Roundabout towards Whitminster/Stroud will be closed.

At the same time, we will have Lane 1 on the roundabout and Lane 1 of the A38 North toward Gloucester closed.

24th July

Between 19:30 and 06:00 The A38 approach to Cross Keys Roundabout from Gloucester will be closed

At the same time, we will have Lane 2 of the roundabout and Lane 2 of A38 North towards Gloucester closed.

25th July

Between 19:30 and 06:00 the A38 approach to Cross Keys Roundabout (previously the B4008) will have a full closure. Access for residents and business on Hiltmead Lane will be maintained.

Diversion signs will be in place for the full closures.

Week Commencing 29th July

We will have off-peak (09:30 – 15:30) lane closures on the A38 from Cross Keys toward Gloucester.

As we progress with these important improvements, your patience is greatly appreciated.

If you have any concerns or issues regarding the roundabout improvement scheme, please contact me on 03301 071484*. I will be available throughout the construction phase to provide continuous engagement with businesses and residents within the local area.

Further information about the project can be found here:

https://www.gloucestershire.gov.uk/roads-parking-and-rights-of-way/major-projects- list/cross-keys-roundabout-improvements/

Sam Pogson
Public Liaison Officer
Waterways House, Llanfoist, Abergavenny, Mons., NP7 9PE
03301 071484 | W: www.alungriffiths.co.uk | e: [email protected]

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