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Javelin Park Incinerator Updates

A couple of updates to our last post on incinerator monitoring of April 25th 2019.

Yesterday was the first day that our waste collections were delivered to the new incinerator at M5 J12. Stroud District Council have issued a press release (copied below) about this development. Meanwhile, there is interest in securing a full-spectrum emissions monitoring station at Hunts Grove (see responses in the bottom of the post from April 25th for more details).

One final update is that I have found the council air quality monitor that we do have at Hunts Grove! This is located on Hunts Grove Drive and specifically records ambient Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) using a passive method known as a diffusion tube. It is not a live monitoring. Samples are analysed on a routine basis by Stroud District Council from sites across the district.

Press Release from Stroud District Council

LINK: Stroud District Council

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