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Hunts Grove Drive is being extended

Hunts Grove Drive

Big changes are coming over the next three months at Hunts Grove regarding access and construction traffic.

Hunts Grove Drive is the main road around Phase 1, starting at the entrance from Marconi Drive and ending at a dead-end by Shorn Brook and the main play park. That’s all changing now with works underway to finish the roads around the school site and the new construction traffic route.

A new crossing and culvert has been installed across Shorn Brook – see pictures below. Hunts Grove Drive will soon be extended around the school and join up with Harrier Way. Here is a plan that shows the detail.

HGRA has been working with Crest and the other site developers to protect residents amenity as much as possible, specifically so that this new extension doesn’t become a rat-run for construction traffic to Phase 3 through the established area of Phase 1. The message over the last couple of years from residents is loud and clear – reduce the impacts of construction traffic through completed parts of Hunts Grove. As part of that plan, HGRA has been stressing the need for quite some time now that construction traffic should have its own route to site, leaving Marconi Drive as a residential traffic access only. This – in part – will be delivered very shortly.

The Plan

  • Hunts Grove Drive extension – the crossing and road will be constructed, however then remain blocked off at the Play Park for the next 6-12 months whilst construction of homes by Bovis continues on Phase 3. Some limited construction traffic may need to use Hunts Grove Drive through Phase 1 to finish the crossing, i.e. install utilities and finish the road surface;
  • The crossing should be completed in the next couple of weeks;
  • A new construction route will enable construction traffic to access Hunts Grove from the south west via Bath Road, linking through to Harrier Way after the school. This means that all Bovis, Bellway and MJ Church construction traffic should use the new route and not via Marconi Drive, reducing traffic substantially for residents of Phase 1 and Phase 2;
  • The new construction route should be open by July / August;
  • HGRA is requesting some means of enforcement to force construction traffic to use the new access (at other Crest sites they use ANPR cameras);
  • So, from July / August, the only construction traffic using Marconi Drive access will be Crest and David Wilson Homes. Crest will be off-site from Phase 2 by October as the site will be complete. David Wilson Homes are more than half finished with their site. Willmott Dixon are now almost complete on the school build and are just doing some landscaping and internal fit-out and will be off-site by August;
  • Why can’t all construction traffic just use the new construction route? Well, the school opens in September and Crest do not want construction traffic passing the school entrance. Therefore, David Wilson Homes traffic will exit north (as now) and Bovis / Bellway will access south-west;
  • The new construction route will be used until the A38 full access junction is completed, linking Harrier Way all the way from the A38 through to Marconi Drive;
  • Finally, HGRA requested much larger “no construction traffic” signs be installed at the entrance from Marconi Drive in to Phase 1. You will see these have now been installed.

Any questions or comments, please just drop us a line or message us on Facebook. Alternatively, the public exhibition by Crest Nicholson on Tuesday 16th July will be a great opportunity for residents to talk directly with the Crest team. Click here for more details on the event.

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