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Traffic Issues on Marconi Drive


HGRA is aware of the issues with the roadworks on Marconi Drive, traffic lights and passing through with parked cars and vans today.

BT and their contractors are installing new chambers in the road / pavement to connect the new homes being built on Marconi Drive. The roadworks are planned to last until May 1st.

HGRA is already in touch with DPD concerning the recent change in their procedures that has led to substantially more on-street parking of DPD branded vans rather than parking on their own site. We understand that DPD-owned vans are parked at their facility, however vans used by franchise owners have been instructed to park on surrounding streets.

We will look for a temporary solution during the roadworks that prevents the parking on Marconi to ensure that residents can get past safely. We are in touch with the County Highways team, our County Councillor Stephen Davies, DPD and the Police.

We’ll update here with any new information. In the meantime, you may wish to complain to BT and / or Highways if you experience any difficulties.

Longer Term

Several people have mentioned that there should be permanent double-yellow lines and better parking enforcement on Marconi Drive. We have already explored various options with the highways team last year to see what could be done. In short, with all the construction on Marconi Drive, the situation will solve itself within months as works progress. There will be three new t-junctions on Marconi, a new warehouse and office complex, plus 118 new homes. Once the works are complete, that will be the time to look at any permanent measures that may be necessary.

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