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Fantastic Response From Amazon – Book Depository Re Parking

Amazon Book Depository

Overflow parking from Waterwells Business Park is one of the unintended consequences of the new footpath from Davy Way through to Hunts Grove Drive near Shorn Brook.   Several of the residents of Shorn Brook and Hunts Grove Drive expressed concerns about this increase in vehicles parking, especially on the sharp corner by the footpath.   This was making it difficult / unsafe to drive around that corner.

HGRA’s Darren Morris decided to take on this topic and investigate.    The largest employer in the new business park is Book Depository, owned by Amazon, and it seems that many of the workers parking are from there.   Darren met with the management and had a very constructive meeting.  This has now led to them issuing guidance to their employees – copy below.

What an excellent result and response.  We’ll be keeping an eye on the parking situation, so any concerns just drop us a line.

Amazon Book Depository Parking Notice

3 thoughts on “Fantastic Response From Amazon – Book Depository Re Parking

  1. This is good news for some but we have three cars permanently parked opposite our house five days a week from 7 am till 5.30 and sometimes Saturday mornings. Would greatly appreciate it if these people would park at the Park & Ride. Don’t Amazon supply parking for their employees?

  2. Obviously no one has listened as i have just watched a Dark blue/black Ford Focus park up and the women driver got out and walked down the path. Its getting worse trying to get out of the estate with DPD parking all the way up Marconi drive, we now have additional traffic from the Industrial estate parking here to contend with.

  3. We now have six vehicles along Hunts Grove from the entrance to the cycle path to the end of the road, and all of these vehicle owners work at Amazon Book Depository. The time varies from 7.00 am to 5.30 pm. So they are taking no notice of the Company’s guidelines.

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