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Crosskeys Roundabout: Overnight Closures Between April & September 2019

Highways Improvements

Works on Crosskeys Roundabout improvements will be starting soon and you should bear in mind that this will involve overnight closures on a limited number of nights between April and September.  Closures commence rather early at 7pm, so bear this in mind if travelling these routes.   The full announcement from Highways below.

Crosskeys Roundabout

This roundabout will be subject to temporary speed restrictions and
overnight closures during the period from 15th April 2019 to 13th
September 2019. The overnight closures will be between 19.00hrs and
06.00hrs for upto 20 nights during this period. Advance warning of dates
will be displayed by signs on site.

This is to allow for improvement works to the roundabout by
Gloucestershire County Council.

One thought on “Crosskeys Roundabout: Overnight Closures Between April & September 2019

  1. Roadworks are meant to be finished at 15:30 each day to facilitate traffic flow. Every day this week traffic is backed up because there is still on going work at 5pm. Why make a commitment if there is no intention of delivering on it?

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