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Reducing Construction Traffic for Phase 1 and 2

HGRA has been campaigning for quite some time now that construction traffic should be routed away from the current single access of Marconi Drive and Phase 1 and Phase 2 residential areas.   This issue has become a hot-topic for residents, especially due to the delay in delivery of the Hunts Grove A38 junction and the fact we have six live construction sites and developers working in parallel at Hunts Grove.

Following the last couple of development coordination meetings that HGRA has attended, we reported that Crest Nicholson has been listening to concerns and has been working on proposals to find an alternative route for construction traffic.  Those plans are now available and we have included them below.   There is no confirmed timeline when the alternate construction route will be ready and open, however Crest is actively pursuing a fast-track approach to gain the necessary approvals.

An approximate plan of the temporary construction route

HGRA current understanding is:

  • The new road will be built between Harrier Way (the spine road) from a point beside the school site running west through the site to connect up with the B4008 (Bath Road);
  • It will include a wheel-wash facility;
  • The Bath Road connection point will be the same location as the future A38 junction for Hunts Grove;
  • The new road is only open for construction traffic – residents will continue to use Marconi Drive to access Hunts Grove;
  • The road is temporary, is not part of the masterplan, and will be removed once this part of the development is complete;
  • There is no stipulation that construction traffic must use this new temporary route.  Both the new route and Marconi Drive will be able to be used.  HGRA seek further discussion with Crest Nicholson on this point as we feel that residents shouldn’t have to deal with the HGV’s, mud etc any longer than necessary if an alternative exists.  HGRA proposal is that any construction vehicle, i.e. contractors vans, the size of a transit van or smaller should be free to use either route, but anything larger must use the temporary road.  HGRA has seen how Crest handle this on their other site in Swindon with ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) cameras to enforce this and protect residents amenity;

The following set of plans show the full route:

Temporary Construction Route Site Plan


Section 1 Detail


Section 2 Detail


Section 3 Detail


Section 4 Detail

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