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A38 Link Road & Phase 4 – First Details Released

This is an incredibly busy period in the development of Hunts Grove.  Phase 3 planning application for Bovis will be available shortly and now we also have the first mentions of Phase 4, the plans for Haresfield Lane and how the spine road will link through to the second access junction at the A38.

See attached and below some plans and explanations.

The illustration below shows the area of Hunts Grove we are talking about.   The red outlined area are the roads in this application (link below) and they link key parts of the masterplan.

  • Haresfield Lane will be diverted in two places, 1) at the southern end where the current Colethrop Farm buildings are located, and 2) at the northern end where it will connect to the new A38 junction;
  • The northern end of Haresfield Lane will not be connected in Hunts Grove, but left as an access for the properties located on Bath Road;
  • The southern end of Haresfield Lane will connect with the spine road (at the current location of Colethrop Farm and the bus turning circle). Long-term there will only be one-way access from Haresfield Lane to Hunts Grove.  In the short-term there is a temporary northbound access provided;
  • The new spine road / Haresfield Lane opens up access for Phase 4 of Hunts Grove;
Haresfield Lane Plans, Phase 4 and A38 Access


The full application may be viewed on the planning website by searching for S.18/2782/REM

Planning Website


Here are some more plans:




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