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97 Homes for Naas Lane

97 Homes for Naas Lane

Developers have submitted an application for outline planning permission to build 97 homes to be accessed from Naas Lane adjacent to the car storage site, SMH Fleet Solutions.

For residents of Hunts Grove, this is essentially the field behind the Marconi Drive building site being developed by Crest Nicholson at the moment.  The 97 homes will stretch from Naas Lane all the way to the new major public open space at Phase 2 Hunts Grove, known as Hillside Park.     Just like the homes on Marconi Drive, these homes are not part of the Hunts Grove allocation and their residents will not be members of the Hunts Grove Management Company.

There is a second part to this story in that 2,000 homes are also being proposed by Taylor Wimpey for the local plan that would fill all the space between Naas Lane, north all the way to Stroud Road at Gloucester / Whaddon.  The two developments are not the same developer as far as we know.   If the 2,000 homes are approved, Hunts Grove residents should note that their plan involves cutting off Naas Lane access from Waterwells, i.e. you will not be able to drive out to Haresfield, Brookthorpe and Stroud Road.   It’s still early days on the 2,000 homes concept and this is not a formal application yet.  I’ll post a summary of the concept along with plans in the next couple of days.

The 97 homes application is open for comments.  Just search for 18/01228/OUT on:







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