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Lidl Store Coming to Waterwells / Kingsway

Lidl Store

Plans are at an advanced stage for a new Lidl Store to be built on Naas Lane opposite Rose Tree Farm pub.

Lidl Store KingswayAs can be seen from the map, this area of land is a derelict site currently.    This area of Waterwells / Kingsway is slowly being completed with several new openings this year, including the new super surgery, Rose Tree Farm pub and another two projects going through planning now for a new B&M Store and Garden Centre, plus a new PureGym location.

People will be able to look at the proposals at a public exhibition on Tuesday, January 8 at the Kingsway Community Centre, Thatcham Avenue, Quedgeley from 2.30pm until 7.30pm.

3 thoughts on “Lidl Store Coming to Waterwells / Kingsway

  1. What the devil is happening with those trees covered with bloody nets … how come no one has ripped them down.. those developers need their backsides kicked come on you lot please take them down 😡😡😡😡

  2. Very shocked to see netted trees because of this development. I can only imagine what is trapped in them. Dreadful. What a disgraceful thing to allow or promote!

  3. I am absolutely appalled that these beautiful mature trees full of insects and life are being destroyed for another supermarket- and the netting of trees – trapping and killing and denying nature a place to live is disgusting and ought to be criminal – Can you not to anything to stop this horrendous action in YOUR back yard.? Derelict land ? mature trees should be treasured and conserved they take hundreds of years to grow and you treat them as you would a bomb site 🙁

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